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Factors To Consider

1. Installation: Not all companies include installation in their pricing. We not only provides your storage system but our price also includes a professional installation. Our fully trained and certified installers can have your entire storage system ready to load in less than 3 or 4 hours in most cases. We have thousands of units of experience and can assure you that your system will be appropriately fastened to your ceiling or wall.

2. Steel Gauge: Our heavy duty 6 ga. steel wire and 12 ga solid steel frame are the strongest overhead storage components available. No other systems features this size steel on their units. Not only does this provide added strength to the unit, our grids will never lose their integrity over prolonged periods of time with weight resting on them. You will never have to replace these units!

3. Protective Finish: All of our storage systems are coated with a durable white powder coated finish which will resist scratching, chipping, and rusting. The finish has an electric charge that binds it to the steel thus preventing any chance of flaking. And they look great!

4. Safety Lip:Our 4×8 Professional model is fitted with an exclusive 2″ high lip around the perimeter of the unit. This safety barrier accomplishes two important things. First, it prevents you from pushing boxes too far over the surface of the unit and having them fall off the other side. Second, it provides earthquake protection which keeps your valuables from rattling over the edge of the unit and onto your car! Other units rest their grid on top of the frame allowing items to accidently slide off.

5. Load Capacity:With up to 600 lbs of weight capacity per unit, our storage systems will outperform any other product on the market. An independent study performed by Decisive Testing of San Diego, CA concluded that our 4×8 Professional model supported 600 lbs for 15 minutes with NO STRUCTURAL DEFORMATION present. IMPORTANT NOTE: Our weight capacities are based on ceiling and wall load limits, not the limit of the storage system. Our storage systems can support significantly more weight than our stated capacities, however, we do not recommend exceeding these limits unless the ceiling or wall structure is capable of supporting such weight. Our goal is to maximize your storage space without compromising the integrity of your ceiling or wall integrity.

6. Adjstable Distance From Ceiling: You want a unit that has flexibility to fit in any space and give you maximum cubic foot storage. Our storage systems offer a superior range of adjustability. The drop from your ceiling can range from as little as 10″ to as many as 47″ depending on the system installed. No other system has that range of drop on their units. Our goal is to maximize the drop given your garage constraints but still keep the system far enough off the floor so it’s out of your way.

7. Modular Fit: All of our products are designed to fit together as a system. This means that we can design and install a system to maximize your storage space regardless of the constraints that might exist in your garage. Common constraints include garage doors and openers, lights, beams, attic doors, air ducts and vents, etc. The modular nature of our systems allow us to install the system around what is already in your garage.

8. Accessories:We offer accessories designed to attach to the bottom of your storage system. Depending on the location of your installation we can use the accessories to hang bicycles, ladders, hoses, skis, or virtually any other item you’d find in your garage.

9. Portability:Our storage systems are designed to be portable should you move and decide to take your storage system with you. The most common question we’re asked is “what if the ceiling in my new home isn’t the same height?” Due to our unique design, our products can be readjusted before installing them in your new home so that if your ceiling is taller they can drop down lower and vice versa. Give us a call if you are moving in the area and we will be happy to come out and take down your unit and move it to your new location.*

10. Warranties: We stand by our products with a limited lifetime warranty on the materials. Additionally, we’re one of the only companies to provide a warranty on the installation as well which stands for a full year.

* Take down and reinstall fee charged.

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